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What type of carrier can I use for my babywearing dance class?

We get a lot of questions from mums about what type of carrier they should use for the class. Here are some recommendations and reasons of why they are best suitable for babywearing dance classes.

Modern baby carriers come in a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and budget. Choosing which carrier to purchase can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many great options. Basically, there are five types of carriers and three of them we don’t want to use for babywearing dance classes: ring slings, pouch slings and wraps. A ring sling or a pouch sling is not going to let you move as freely as the other carriers. The wraps can be too stretchy and babies might slowly slide down with the movements or they can get too warm depending on the fabric.

That leaves us with the range of the more structure carriers, the Me Tais and the Buckle/Soft Structured carriers. With the Mei Tais you can wrap your baby very quickly, they are supportive, comfortable and not too warm. These carriers are ideal for older babies and toddlers.

Some mums are more comfortable with buckling so then we can move into the more structure carriers, which were originally designed for older babies, in the 4-6 months old range but you can also use them for newborn babies with the appropriate inserts (ask your retailer). The important thing with structure carriers is to choose a carrier that is appropriate for the age and the development of your baby. Some of them have integrated inserts for newborns and for others you need to purchase an insert separately. When using structure carriers you need to ensure your newborns are properly positioned and stable. They need to always be visible and kissable, their torsos need to be well supported so their airway is clear.

Check our Babywearing Safety page for the T.I.C.K.S rule for Safe Babywearing. Alternatively, if you want to know more about Babywearing you can visit Babywearing Victoria Inc.


  • Buckle carriers, such as Ergo and Manduca
  • Mei Tais, such as Tula


  • Ring Slings
  • Pouch Slings
  • Wraps