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Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring dance and energy into your life with your baby. We strive to create a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment where you can build positive relationships with families in our local communities.

Happy Feet Fiesta

Babywearing Dance Classes with a focus on latin music.

Happy Feet Fiesta was started by three Latin American mums who all shared a passion for music and dance. After their babies were born, Karoll, Andrea and Pepix found it harder and harder to find places where they could bring their babies and still get the chance to dance. Many exercise and dance classes had little to no facilities for babies and the few that didn’t allow their babies to participate, only watch from the side lines.

So after careful consideration and lots of hard work, Happy Feet Fiesta was born. With the aim of providing recreational babywearing dance classes to mums, dads, aunties, carers or anyone who wants to dance, we knew people would love it. You don’t even need to know how to dance, the desire to share a special moment of music and movement with your baby is all you need!

The Team

KAROLL PINZONFounder (from Colombia)
I have been living in Australia since 1999 but I haven’t forgotten my latin moves, they still there and they will always be there. I think music is good for the body, for the mind and for your soul. Also, being born in the 80’s means I love my 80’s classics! Music and dancing has been something that I couldn’t be without. When I had my baby I became curious about babywearing, I started reading about the benefits of carrying your baby, the brands, the styles and soon I purchased my first carrier. We loved it! Then came the dancing, Kiran’s nap times would involve carrying him, dancing, falling sleep and transferring him to his cot. It was such a beautiful bonding time, I thought what a great way for me to share my love of dancing and music with my baby. I have since then completed a Peer Educator Training course with Babywearing Victoria Inc (BVI) so I can assist mums and dads in wearing their babies correctly. I also have a background in Graphic and Web design and I’ve been running my freelance business for over 8 years.
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ANDREA NORIEGAFounder (from Colombia)
Being a ‘Latina’ doesn’t always mean a passion for dance but it certainly does in my case. Music was always around me because my family comes from a city famous for its salsa; just watch Delirio (the musical) and see for yourself. Back to my story, I grew up wanting to dance so I alternated school with ballet and Colombian Folkloric dance and although ballet was clearly the base for almost any rhythm, it just wasn’t the style for me. During university, while studying Ecology, I changed my music orientation in search of world rhythms and this is how I bumped into Belly dance, I loved it so much that I became a teacher and also performed in theatre. I devoted 8 years to this passion but my roots kept calling me back and I started dancing salsa to regain and also improve my skills. Soon I moved to Melbourne; met my friends, now partners, and got qualified as a Zumba instructor. Same passion, different skills and a baby in each house so… we had this great idea, nothing to lose and so much to offer! Long story short, come to class, meet some other mamas and have a coffee with us!
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We want more mums to know about Happy Feet Fiesta, help us share the love for all the mums who are looking to do something different with their babies!

I absolutely LOVE these classes ❤️
Not only do I get to mix with other adults, listen to great music, bond with my baby, but it’s great exercise and so much fun too!

Anna-Maria Jones

Wonderful! congratulations! recommend it to all moms and dads, grandmothers! wonderful energy!
Maravilhoso! parabens! recomendo a todas as mamaes, papis e avós! energia maravilhosa.

Lily Smallbone

This is a good way to keep in shape in a very positive atmosphere! It’s so much fun dancing with your baby and be able to cuddle and kiss them! We are both enjoying it 😊😊

Alyona Kvasha

Thank you for a fantastic class! Loved it to bits. The staff are very welcoming and the instructor is well experienced. It was a great workout and Bub really enjoyed it. I totally recommend it. Please keep up the good work

Marjorie Sierra

What about dancing at your next Mother’s Group meeting?